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DIOSA invites you to see and be seen. Spanish for “goddess”, our menu is shaped by ancient forces of nature, and embodies radiant feminine energy. Our ambiance offers a coastal party atmosphere with a boho luxury interior. The hottest new Mexican restaurant in Downey created by Pearl West Restaurant Group. Immerse yourself in our experience for the senses and connect with your inner DIOSA, today!

Celebrating Mexican Cuisine

DIOSA elevates traditional Mexican food traditions and ingredients through inventive touches from Spain, Portugal, France, and the US. Our menu honors the evolution of Mexican cuisine while delivering a new and modern world of flavors. Each delectable dish arrives at your table as soon as it’s prepared so you can savor them at their peak flavor.


Crafty Cocktails

Fanciful Cocktails Forged Through Earth, Air, Fire, & Water

Indulge in DIOSA’s imaginative libations crafted with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Whether you prefer light, fruity, and invigorating flavors or bold, complex, and fiery concoctions, our extraordinary cocktails in Downey will delight your senses with a perfect blend of sophistication and playfulness.

Your table awaits.